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‘couldn’t put it down’   Couldn't-put-it-down

I just read Cricket by Barbara Dennis which is due out on May 20, 2016
What an awesome story, the character’s are fantastic. Well written story, had me laughing. The book just pulls you in, I myself couldn’t put it down. Cricket is awesome so is Monkey. I’m trying not to let out any spoilers. I have no problem giving it five stars and will recommend it to my friend. I would also like to see more from Barbara Dennis.
Tinna Webb


‘drew me in very quickly’    sucked in

Cricket is just a really sweet, gentle story of a widow who is ready to move ahead with her life a few years after her wife dies. With the support of her best friend Mar and her dog Monkey by her side, Cricket opens herself up for whatever the universe has to offer. Even if it means meeting her high school bully 30 years later or taking in a homeless teen and maybe even a chance to fall in love again, She is there.
This charming, engaging and well-written tale drew me in very quickly. I was unable to put the book down. I loved it, all of it. I adored the cast of characters, their interplay, the humor and serious moments are all amazing. There are so many feel good “Aww that is so sweet” moments that I quickly lost count and there were a few unexpected surprises to keep things really interesting. There is a serene tone to this book but don’t let that fool you, this book will capture your attention and your heart and you will love it too.
Ameliah Faith
Ameliah Faith’s Book Reviews and Promotions

“Cricket is an enticing tale of love and loss. Imagining each scene as it was happening was incredible. The details are giving and the humor will have you laughing out loud.”

Angela Mazzarese


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