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A May release,  Cricket by Barbara Dennis.


Now in her mid-forties, Cricket has found herself existing with the unexpected loss of her long-time lover Gerry. With the support of her circle of friends and the love of her Bernese dog, Monkey, she continues to live, breathe, and hope for the emptiness to fade.

Resigned to believing the hurt will stay, an unforeseen possibility of a new love interest breezes into her life through meeting of new friends.

Can Cricket lower her guard and allow another person into her heart, or will she push them away and forever struggle with the constant heartbreak?

A touching story that portrays every day struggles with unpredictable scenarios.

Cricket book Trailer


Wicked Publishing


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    Cricket, by Barbara Dennis. Release date mid-May. Published through Wicked Publishing at


  2. Tinna Webb says:

    I just read Cricket by Barbara Dennis which is due out on May 20, 2016
    What an awesome story, the character’s are fantastic. Well written story, had me laughing. The book just pulls you in ,I myself couldn’t put it down. Cricket is awesome so is monkey. I’m trying not to let out any spoilers. I have no problem giving it five stars and will recommend it to my friend. I would also like to see more from Barbara Dennis.
    Tinna Webb


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